Sunday, 22 July 2012

Researching fashion illustrators

I've received my feedback from my first assignment and my tutor has suggested some fashion illustrators whose work I should have a look at, which might help me to develop my illustrations. David Downton's work is predominately fashion based and I really like how he captures the main elements of the person yet with relatively limited detail.

I've read up on this work and a few interviews he has given and he states that the most important thing in fashion illustration for him is the sense of the body in the clothes. After that, proportion, colour, and detail. He also states that he tries to capture a sense of the moment and use strong drawings. Anything can catch the eye - but what is interesting in fashion terms isn't necessarily what makes a good drawing and vice versa.
To eliminate the detail in his work he says he does lots of drawings on layout paper then starts to deconstuct parts until it looks spontaneous.
David use watercolour or gouache for small scale pieces and if he needs flat saturated colour uses cut paper collage and then applies line using an acetate overlay and also works on pure line drawings with Indian inks. David has illustrated a lot of famous woman and I'm going to try doing some images from fashion mags to try experiment and develop my techniques. Hopefully, this will help me with some of my figure drawing skills. I also want to have a look at the work of Rene Gruau, Marcel Vertes and Rene Bouche who David highlighted as very influential successful fashion illustrators.
Having a quick research I particular want to look at Rene's work as he seems to have done a lot of portraits, sketches and very famous illustrations for Vogue and I love the fluidity of his work.

In contrast, the illustrations of Tanya Lang are almost abstract yet do have a similar sense of movement about her work. She uses mixed media in a lot of her work and to me her illustrations and figures are distorted yet still manage to create a sense of the characters being glamourous. For me she seems to distrort proportions of the figures yet they seem to really work. I think this is a real talent to do this and and does make my question what makes something work when the drawing / illustration isn't technically correct. I guess in some instances this is appropriate and it depends on the context.

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