Sunday, 8 July 2012

Exercise 5 - Words into Pictures

I chose "Kitchen" to start off with and was aware I wanted to try this exercise without actually looking at anything for reference or to give me more ideas. I'm used to drawing from photos/ life and want to try hone my ability to get ideas and produce works without necessarily always having reference. I found it useful as suggestedm, to almost imagine I was taking a picture in the kitchen and moving around the scene. It was also quite liberating to use this like a shorthand and not focus too much on how fantastic the drawings were but more on the concepts. I also wanted to have a go at the word "Exotic" as given this is an adjective rather than an object I thought it would be more difficult to generate a concept/ idea.
Again, I found that once I made a start the exercise became easier. As I started to sketch some exotic plants this lead me to think of associations of exotic destinations which lead me onto palm trees, hula skirts etc. I think this way of working will be very useful at trying to turn more abstract concepts into illustrations  is something I want to really work on as I know I do find it hard to convey concepts that are more abstract. By almost doing a visual shorthand - and using it like a visual brainstorm I hope to be able to generate ideas which I can translate into final illustrations.

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