Thursday, 19 July 2012

Exercise 8 - Exploring Drawing and Painting Mark Making

This exercise involved creating a scrapbook of different types of paper/ surface and using a selection of non traditional mediums to draw an item of choice. I gathered various papers including a paper bag, tissue, some magazine written articles, handmade paper, sugar paper, cheap printer paper and some paper towel.

I couldn't make up my mind what to illustrate so did some of an icecream sundae and a cherry cake.

I tried drawing the item in different ways at different views with kids crayons, felt tips, oil crayons,
food colouring dyes and experimented with splatter techniques, cross hatching and stippling.

I really enjoyed this exercise and was suprised with some of the effects and will defintely use these in the future. My thoughts on each are below.

Pastel paper - paints dry brush work - quite liked the effect
Paper towel with ink and crayon - splothes from my workings
Crayon on pastel paper

Oil pastels - messy to work with on black shopping bag - liked the effect on black

Pastel paper - felt tips and white crayon - think it worked well combining the too mediums

felt tips added water just made page wet!

Felt tips cross hatching on magazine article
liked working over text interesting idea to try more in future


Food dye on printer paper

Food dye printer paper - imprinted from image above - I then let the ink run and spread it out

Splattering paint technique by flicking onto typed article

Felt tip on paper bag

Ballpoint on tissue - didn't work great
Pen on handmade paper

Key learning points
- I really enjoyed experimenting and think I'd like to try incorporate some of these techniques into more convential mediums.
- I liked the effect of the food dyes when it ran and think this could maybe be achieved with watercolours or other medium to create a backdrop for illustrations.
- combining the felt pens and crayon worked well and I think working over text worked well
- there would be loads more opportunities to work with these images in and with photoshop.

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