Friday, 29 March 2013

Researching other illustrators David Dean

In my feedback for Assignment 4 my tutor suggested that I look at the work of David Dean and the Barefoot  book series and suggested this might have been useful to look at in conjunction with the childrens book exercise.

However, I'm now really glad to have found these references and it was good to look at different illustration styles for children and how styles differ depending on content and the age group targeted. Likewise, as I'm trying to work on how to put an illustration together as a whole and consider how what elements I want in overall piece ( background and foreground), I've tried to look at how this can be achieved.

I'm going to keep looking at these sort of pieces in conjunction with the next exercises including packaging and working for children.

David Dean - graduated with an BA (Hons) in illustration and has been working as an illustrator ever since.
His work is very colourful and lively and has a real boldness about it. He uses acrylics for all his illustrations and I love the colour combinations in some of the pieces below (particularly the Lauren St John's). The map illustrations in particular are decorative and appealing to look at, yet communicate something about the places. They include reference to different landmarks in each of the places and the drawings of them are relatively stylised and simplistic, yet instantly recognisable as being one of the points of interest.
David has worked for a wide variety of clients including Faber & Faber, Egmont Children's Books and HarperCollins.

 The Elephant's Tale

The White Giraffe

Big School

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