Thursday, 28 March 2013

Exercise - Text and Image

This exercise involved firstly selecting suitable fonts to suit and portray a range of words.

I then went on to trace the fonts with different colours which I thought appropriate for their meaning. Some words were harder than others but Fun conjured up bright colours like orange and red whereas blue was appropriate for Calm.

I collected different cuttings / clippings etc which I thought portrayed the meaning of the words.

There was some overlap and I particular liked some of these Mad or Fun images from an old fashion mag which shows the model dressed in almost clown like make up and costume. Other images for Mad/ Fun included the mad hatter, bright colours, squiggly patterns
Calm - blue - sea clouds peaceful.

I then decided to try and fill a few of the words in Photoshop and selected a loose serif font for Calm with a blue pebble dash calming background. For Mad I chose a Sans-serif font with a crazy black and white chequered effect and for Fun a bold and colourful pattern.

I then trying filling freehand. Bright crayons and felt tips for the word Fun . Experimentation with pattern. Strips for fast, broken lines to try and represent Slow.

Type and fonts are really of interest to me and I enjoyed thinking about the appropriateness of font selection depending on the theme being worked on. I want to continue to experiment with handmade fonts and hope to become more confident at selecting striking and appropriate fonts for various design and illustration projects.

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