Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Other artists - Kate Miller illustration

After completing the last exercise I came across the work of Kate Miller and thought that my final image "Explorer" had elements of this sort of style (although Kate's is a lot more refined)

Kate's illustration originates from a screen-printing background and although now working digitally the processes of layering sketches, photographs and found objects remain constant. Kate is based in Edinburgh and her work has been used widely throughout the design, editorial and advertising sectors.
I really like the use of colour in her work and the montage effects she creates using a variety of mediums and think its clever how she has a lot going on in each image yet its not over complex or worked.  She also has a very distinctive style and her work is clearly identifiable as all her images seem to have common features of hand drawn, photographs and bright colour schemes. Thinking about finding my own personal style of illustrating is something I hope to work on and I can already seem areas where my work is stronger than others and identify mediums I prefer working in/ with.

online images Available from [30th October 2012]

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